We are Bill and Nicole! Welcome to Dash of Modern!⁣



So how did this unique business idea come about? ⁣

We took a difficult situation and made a life changing opportunity out of it. Many years back we found ourselves making countless trips to and from Vancouver. During this time we continued to offer friends and family the opportunity for us to bring anything back from our frequent IKEA® trips. At this time we were living in Merritt, BC and did not have the same accessibility to affordable shipping from IKEA® stores. If anyone lives in a smaller community or doesn’t have access to IKEA®, then you know the struggle trying to get something shipped.

After many years of stopping at IKEA® on the way home, picking up items for family and friends, we soon became expert navigators of IKEA® stores and knowledgeable in deciphering the IKEA® assembly instructions. We enjoyed ourselves so much that we decided to make a business out of it and are now committed to delivering your 100% satisfaction in our services.⁣

As we began to develop consistency with this offer, we found ourselves growing this outside of our close community and evolving the business with new ideas, such as our custom kitchen builds. ⁣

This is how we evolved into the business we are today. Although this story has many moving parts and is quite lengthy, what we want to share with you, is you never know how incredible of a business idea you have until you try!⁣

As entrepreneurs at heart, we are grateful to take something we were passionate about, like supporting our friends and family — and turning into a viable business. ⁣

The biggest takeaway is never let anything or anyone hinder you from making a dream a reality.⁣

We look forward to working with you on all of your IKEA® projects!

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