IKEA® delivery was the spark that started our business. Today, we are an expedited shipping company that ships everything IKEA®, including items you cannot buy online from the store.

From $50 frozen meatballs to $50,000 full furnishings, no order is too big or too small!



Every Sunday, the Dash of Modern delivery truck leaves Kelowna at 5am for a round trip to the Coquitlam & Richmond IKEA® warehouse, returning to Kelowna by 11:59 on Sunday night* (*weather dependent). Once your order is placed on the scheduled IKEA® trip, your order will be ready for pick up within 2 business days...

Within 24hrs of our truck returning from IKEA®, our team unloads, sorts, lists and takes stock of the weekly delivery. We then make personal calls to every customer, letting them know which items are ready for pick-up. We understand the emotional and financial weight of a home investment purchase, which is why we want all of our customers to feel valued and appreciated. Our customers know they can rely on us for respectful, clear communication, and that they can easily come back to us for assistance at any time.



If you aren’t satisfied with a delivery from Dash of Modern, we can return it for you! Please contact us for a specified breakdown on our return policy.

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