Are you affiliated with IKEA®?

No, we are independent. We just love IKEA® meatballs and shopping.

Do you get a discount because of the volume you buy?

Nope, the price you see is the price we pay, just like everyone else.

Do you sell IKEA® products?

We do not sell IKEA® products; however, from time to time we will bring in extra items or have unopened returns that you can purchase. We charge the original cost of the item plus applicable shipping.

How often do you go to IKEA®?

Every 2nd Friday with earliest pickup dates on the following Monday. 

Where do I get a catalogue?

Click here to view all IKEA® catalogues, or stop by our location and pick one up.

Can I add onto my order once my invoice has been paid?

The answer is NO, once your invoice has been paid the order is considered closed. If you wish to purchase more items from IKEA® then a new order is created with new shipping fees. 


If IKEA®'s shipping rate is less, do you match it?

No, we are an expedited shipping company that ships everything IKEA®, including items you cannot buy online from the store.

*All shipping rates are based on the regular price of the item(s)*

How long does it take to get my order?

Once your order is placed on the scheduled IKEA® trip, your order will be ready for pick up the following Monday.

How much does it cost to have my order delivered?

Home delivery rates are based on your entire order and location, please contact us.

What if I can’t make it to the pick-up location on time?

No problems, give us a call. We are extremely flexible and want to ensure that you get your order.

Are you able to store my order for 2 weeks?

Yes, we can hold on to your order for up to 2 weeks. If you wish for it to be held longer, please contact us to make arrangements.

What do I do if my furniture is damaged?

No need to fret, we will return the damaged piece(s) on our next trip to IKEA® and exchange them for new ones at no additional cost to you. If you realize your furniture is damaged please call us immediately so we can remedy the situation and get new parts for you ASAP.

What happens if my furniture is out-of-stock?

If any part of an order is out-of-stock Dash of Modern will pick those items up on our next trip to IKEA® unless the customer requests to cancel that part of the order.


Are IKEA® products easy to assemble?

That is dependent on your skills and your patience. Some items are very easy and others are more challenging and require more than one person. IKEA® cartoon instructions are a language in itself.

How much does it cost to assemble my items?

Please email us your shopping list or planner including address for a free no obligation quote.

What should I do before you arrive?

Please ensure that the area that your new product will be is clear and that the floor space is swept or vacuumed.

Customers are responsible for ensuring their floors are protected 

What should I do after you leave?

Enjoy your new IKEA® product, visit our Facebook page, submit a photo and brag to the world about your new addition and our incredible service! Everyone loves to brag!


Do you take returns?

**Please note due to COVID 19,  We are unable to process returns & exchanges at this time**


Absolutely, we will take it down on our next shopping trip. Contact us to make arrangement.

Return Fee is 25% of the product and will be returned in the same form of payment if purchased through Dash of Modern. If purchased through IKEA® online or instore, refunds will be issued by IKEA® Gift card minus return fee.



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