The Next Generation

A key part of any family business is ….. The family behind the business!

In the evenings, on weekends, and during summer vacations, Bill and Nicole’s three daughters work at Dash of Modern with their parents. And, whenever possible, the girls go to IKEA® with Bill and Nicole. Bill and Nicole are so proud of their three daughters, and thrilled to include them in the family business.



Chelsea is Bill and Nicole’s oldest daughter. She currently attends The College of Law at the University of Saskatchewan. When Chelsea is on summer break, she comes back to Kelowna and works at Dash of Modern, helping with client communications. If you place an order in the summertime, it’s probably Chelsea you speak with on the phone!



Olivia is Bill and Nicole’s middle daughter. Currently studying Political Sciences at The University of Saskatchewan, following in her older sister's footsteps. Olivia loves everything related to music: singing, performing, and creating. Olivia also helps run the family business when home from school. 


Ava is Bill and Nicole’s youngest daughter. Just like Nicole, Ava loves riding horses! At Dash of Modern, Ava helps with unloading, sorting orders, and communicating with clients when not sitting on her favorite horse Bing. 

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